CES 2020 | Новые умные часы с защитой военного уровня – Amazfit T-Rex

Amazfit T-Rex. (Источник: Huami)
Amazfit T-Rex. (Источник: Huami)
Amazfit T-Rex – это первые за 2020 год умные часы от данного бренда. Благодаря своей защите MIL-STD-810G и 14 спортивным режимам они отлично подойдут для носки в неблагоприятных условиях. Производитель также обновил свою серию Bip вариантом S – часами с 40-дневным сроком работы и функциями искусственного интеллекта.
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Amazfit известен своими умными часами; однако, ни одно из устройств этого производителя не подходило для походных условий. Новинка 2020 года – совсем другое дело: T-Rex имеет сертификацию MIL-STD-810G и водостойкость 5 ATM.

Корпус у этих часов полимерный, а его небольшой выступ защищает дисплей диагональю 1.3 дюйма. Экран устройства имеет AMOLED-матрицу с разрешением 360x360 и поддерживает функцию постоянного отображения. Amazfit T-Rex снабжены GPS/ГЛОНАСС и аккумулятором, позволяющим умным часам работать до 20 дней. Новинка также получила оптический датчик BioTracker PPG для круглосуточного отслеживания сердечного ритма. Устройство доступно в цветах Army Green, Camo Green, Khaki, Rock Black и Gun Grey.

Те, кто ищет более классический вариант, могут рассмотреть другую модель – Amazfit Bip S. Эти часы имеют форм-фактор типа Apple Watch, в отличие от круглых T-Rex. Производитель не уточняет их размеры и тип панели, а лишь упоминает, что экран будет «трансфлективным» (наверное, как в Stratos3).

Bip S весит всего 30 грамм, что обеспечивает удобство носки в течение всего дня, а также имеет водозащиту 5 ATM и GPS. Amazfit утверждает, что аккумулятор часов показывает автономность до 40 дней. Это также первые наручные часы данного бренда, в которых интегрирован Huami-PAI –«индикатор личной активности», предназначенный для того, чтобы держать пользователя в курсе состояния его здоровья и прогресса.

Amazfit выпустит T-Rex в январе 2020 года; эти часы будут стоить примерно $140. Цена Bip S пока не известна, но устройство ожидается уже в феврале.

Несколько рекламных изображений T-Rex... (Источник: Huami)
Несколько рекламных изображений T-Rex... (Источник: Huami)
...и Bip S.  (Источник: Huami)
...и Bip S. (Источник: Huami)


Amazfit (пресс-релиз)

Amazfit T-Rex, A Tough and Adventurous Smartwatch Ready for Any
Outdoor Challenge

One of the Most Affordable Military Certified Outdoor Smartwatches on the Market



Las Vegas, the United States — 7 January 2020 Huami (NYSE: HMI), one of the world’s largest
wearables company1, has unveiled its impressive T-Rex outdoor smartwatch series at the
Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, as the 7th series of Amazfit smartwatch
adding to its sports, style and basic smartwatch line-ups. Featuring a durable design and
performance, as well as a wide range of sports and fitness functions, the military certified T-Rex
raises the bar for the smart wearables industry.

1 According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, in 2018, Huami has become the world's largest smart wearable devices
manufacturer in terms of volume.




Rugged by name, tough by nature – One of the Most Affordable Military Certified Outdoor
Smartwatches on the Market

Designed for the most adventurous and urban-outdoor enthusiasts, Amazfit T-Rex is no ordinary
smartwatch. The highly durable polymer body with its reliable design allows T-Rex to match the
harshest of environments. Certified of the United States Department of Defense, it has passed 12
regulations of the military-standard (MIL-STD-810G) quality test, making it one of the most

durable of its kind which can operate under unpredictable weather conditions, rain, hail or shine.
With special ink-filling technology and protective bumpers of the outer raised bezel to further
ensure the robustness, T-Rex is built to withstand extreme temperatures as well as damp, salt
and alkali and any challenging outdoor conditions, surviving for two hours under rapid temperature
change from -40 to 70..


Excellent GPS Performance and battery for your adventure

Leveraging off the best technological innovations, Amazfit T-Rex features a 1.3-inch top-tier
AMOLED screen with an “always on display” function and a resolution of 360x360 pixels, capable
of displaying 16.7 million colors with superb clarity. With endless possibilities to explore, Amazfit
T-Rex also delivers an impressive 20-day battery life2, ensuring that adventurers and outdoor
sports lovers can lead an active lifestyle without interruption. Complete with a GPS + GLONASS
with 20-hour3 continuous working time, you can easily track your route for the most challenging
of outdoor activities, making it the best all-time companion for trail running, biking and climbing.

2 Tests conducted in-lab, battery life may vary according to test conditions and usage

3 Tests conducted in-lab, battery life may vary according to test conditions and usage

4 Available after system upgrade

5 Tests conducted in-lab, battery life may vary according to test conditions and usage


Features to advance your activities and unleash potential

The Amazfit T-Rex features 14 sports modes that support you to unleash your potential from the
inside out, by tracking the performance in fitness activities, from outdoor skiing, mountain climbing,
to trail running, cycling, and more. Its 5ATM water resistant design also allows you to advance
your activities under water, keeping track of your performance in open water swimming or
triathlons4 is made easier than ever with T-Rex.

Your smart and personal health assistant

There are no limits to your lifestyle, fitness or adventure goals with the Amazfit T-Rex. This action-
packed smartwatch does not disappoint with a wide range of health analysis and management
functions. Equipped with BioTracker™ PPG optical sensor, T-Rex supports all-day heart rate
monitoring and provides rapid heart rate alerts, keeping you updated with information on your
heart health.


With the launch of T-Rex, Amazfit will go beyond outdoor and lifestyle conventions unleashing
the outdoor adventurer to explore endless possibilities to experience.


Amazfit Bip S – Step into a colorful life

Huami Amazfit innovations have been extended to favorite Bip S, which also debuted at CES
2020, following the huge success and popularity of Amazfit Bip Lite and Amazfit Bip. Amazfit Bip
S now integrates Huami-PAI, a revolutionary indicator of personal activity that gives you details
about your heart health and overall fitness, helping you reach or maintain your personal best.
Featuring a colorful transflective display, 30g ultra lightweight design and 5 ATM water resistance,
complete with a battery life of up to 40 days5 and built-in GPS, the latest Amazfit Bip S provides

global users with an unprecedentedly vivid wearable experience which enable them to stay
healthy and vibrant.


Pricing and availability

• Amazfit T-Rex will be available in January 2020, and the suggested retail price is
• Amazfit Bip S is expected to be available in Feb, 2020



Brand / Model

Amazfit T-Rex

US Military Standard

• US Military Standard 810g (MIL-STD-810G) Certification
• Operational between -40°C to 70°C


• 1.3-inch color AMOLED screen
• Resolution: 360x360 pixels

Always-On Display



47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm


• Without strap: 39g
• With strap: 58g


Camo Green, Army Green, Khaki, Rock Black, Gun Gray


GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE


PPG Optical HRM sensor, 3-axis acceleration, Geomagnetic, Ambient Light

Lens Materials

Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass and anti-fingerprint coating

Strap Size


Body Materials

High-strength polymer material

Strap Materials




Battery Life6

• 390 mAh
• Daily use: up to 40 days(test data in lab)
• Basic watch mode: 66 days(test data in lab)
• GPS continuous working time: 20 hours(test data in lab)


Magnetic charging stand, user manual

6 Tests conducted in-lab, battery life may vary according to usage, settings, and other factors.

Sports Modes

14 sports modes

24-hour Heart Rate


Smart Notifications



For press kit and high-resolution product images, please download from:


For Media Inquiry

[email protected]


. About Amazfit

Amazfit is a self-brand of Huami (NYSE:HMI). Huami is a biometric and activity data-driven company with
significant expertise in smart wearable technology. Also, Huami is a provider of wearable technology for
Xiaomi and sole maker of the Mi Band. Since September 2015, Huami has begun to use the brand, Amazfit,
to sell smart wearable products that are not designed and manufactured for Xiaomi to address the middle
to high-end market.


According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, Huami shipped 11.6 million units of smart wearable devices in the
first nine months of 2017, more than any other company in the world. 18.1 million units of smart wearable
devices were shipped in 2017. According to company internal data, as of August, 2019, a total of 100 million
devices were shipped since Huami’s inception in 2013.


Mobile Apps of Huami, Mi Fit and Amazfit, work hand in hand with smart wearable devices, which provide
users with a comprehensive view and analysis of their biometric and activity data. As of December 31, 2017,
mobile Apps of Huami had 56 million registered users.

Huami is transforming the way individuals connect with the Internet and with each other through smart
wearable technology and data-driven innovations. Its mission is to make the world more connected. On
February 8, 2018, Huami was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit


. About Huami Corporation (NYSE:HMI)

Huami is a biometric and activity data-driven company with significant expertise in smart wearable
technology. Since its inception in 2013, Huami has quickly established its global market leadership and
recognition by shipping millions of units of smart wearable devices. In 2018, Huami shipped 27.5 million
units of smart wearable devices. Huami has one of the largest biometric and activity databases in the global
smart wearables industry. Huami's mobile apps work hand in hand with its smart wearable devices and
provide users with a comprehensive view and analysis of their biometric and activity data. For more
information, please visit


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