MSI Modern 14 с процессором Core i5-10210U, 512 ГБ NVMe SSD и видеокартой GeForce MX250 теперь доступен за $899

MSI Modern 14 с Core i5-10210U, 512 ГБ NVMe SSD и GeForce MX250 GPU теперь доступен по цене $899 (Изображение: MSI)
MSI Modern 14 с Core i5-10210U, 512 ГБ NVMe SSD и GeForce MX250 GPU теперь доступен по цене $899 (Изображение: MSI)
Профессиональный ноутбук среднего класса MSI Modern 14 будет доступен с 10 сентября; он оснащён тонкими рамками 5,7 мм, имеет соотношение экрана к корпусу 80% и новейший процессор Intel Comet Lake-U. Правда, начальные модели не получат Core i7.
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Поскольку семейства Intel 10-го поколения Ice Lake и Comet Lake наконец-то стали доступны, производители по всему миру готовятся к выпуску первых ноутбуков с новыми процессорами. Одной из таких моделей будет 14-дюймовый MSI Modern 14, разработанный для бизнесменов и других специалистов, похожий на 15,6-дюймовый MSI PS63 Modern.

Приведенная ниже таблица показывает, что Modern 14 будет очень похож на существующий MSI PS42 Prestige 2018 года и предстоящий Prestige 14 2019 года, но с более медленной графикой GeForce MX250, без разрешения 4K UHD, без Thunderbolt 3, без Wi-Fi 6 и с немного большей толщиной. Таким образом, Modern 14 предназначается для пользователей с ограниченным бюджетом.

Интернет-магазин Newegg уже принимает предварительные заказы на MSI Modern 14 с ценником в $750 и $900 (без или с графическим процессором GeForce MX250 соответственно). Тайваньская компания на CES 2019 показала готовность выйти за пределы сегмента игровых ноутбуков, и Modern 14 является доказательством расширения её профессиональной линейки. Анонс Modern 14 последовал сразу после обновления до 10-го поколения процессоров серий Prestige 14 и Prestige 15.

City of Industry, CA – August 21st, 2019 – MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and computing solutions, unveils a complete lineup of new content creator laptops powered by Intel’s 10th Gen™ 6-Core processors.  Designed for both professional and casual creators on the go, MSI’s new Prestige and Modern Series laptops showcase a new level of performance with up to 40% faster photo editing and rendering speeds.


“Innovation, performance, and practicality are at the core of our business, and the new Prestige and Modern laptops embody those ideals by giving content creators industry-leading tech and features that speak to their needs,” says Charles Chiang, MSI’s Global CEO.  “MSI is not just about gaming, but about solutions that adapt to our users’ daily lives and helps foster and unleash their creativity.”


A New Symbol of Prestige

MSI’s acclaimed Prestige 14 and 15 laptops are now the world’s first laptops powered by the powerful combination of 10th Gen Intel® 6-core processor and the latest GeForce GTX 16 Series Graphics, improving editing software performance such as Photoshop by up to 40% and delivering at least 50% faster performance for more fluid creative workflow, especially during multi-threaded processes.  The ideal laptop for photographers, animators, composers or YouTubers on the go, Prestige users can simultaneously create on multiple programs, including 2D or 3D software without lag.



The new Prestige laptops stun with a 90% screen-to-body ratio MSI True Pixel display, a 4K UHD resolution panel with True Color calibration for more precise color, 100% AdobeRGB wide color gamut for better range of colors, and an industry-leading Delta-E<2 color accuracy to bring the designs to life.  In addition, the new 14 and 15-inch laptops feature an ultra slim, sandblasted aluminum chassis that weighs only 2.64 lbs. and 3.5 lbs. respectively and are available in carbon gray with blue diamond-cutting trimmings and elegant white.


MSI’s Prestige 15 and 14 are mobile workhorses with an impressive 16 and 14-hours of battery life respectively, and come with an array of connectivity options, including 2 Thunderbolt™ 3 and Wi-Fi 6.  Both laptops also come with ergonomic keyboards with 1.5 mm key travel distance for improved comfort and can lay flat at 180-degrees for seamless group collaboration. 


Modern Pursuit for Mobility

MSI’s new Modern 14 content creator laptops showcases a stylish design for the modern creative professional.  A combination of effortless mobility and performance, the 14-inch laptop features an ultra-lightweight metallic chassis and weighs only 2.6 lbs. but can take on any task with top-of-the line performance and a 10-hour battery life.


Dock, Expand and Create

For the content creator wishing for maximum connectivity and expandability, MSI’s USB-C Docking Station is the ultimate solution that integrates data transfer, power delivery and video displays through a single USB-C cable.  The compact hub connects your laptop to three extra monitors, increasing productivity and simplifying your workspace by eliminating cables and clutter.  In addition, it provides four extra USB ports, a single combo audio jack for headphone and microphone, a Gigabit Ethernet port for even faster speeds, and weighs only a half a pound.


MSI’s Prestige and Modern Series laptops will be available at Adorama, Amazon, B&H, and Newegg.  Preorders through Newegg begin on August 21st, 2019.


For more information about MSI’s completely lineup of content creator laptops or to learn more about MSI’s complete line of products, visit or follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at MSI GAMING

As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, the pursuit of excellence, and technological innovation. Integrating gamers' most coveted extreme performance, realistic visuals, authentic sound, precise control, and smooth streaming functions into its gaming rigs, MSI frees gamers from tedious trial and error and pushes gaming performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand with gaming spirit throughout the industry! For more product information, please go to

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