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Gigabyte Aorus 17 с Core i9, GeForce RTX 2080 и механическими переключателями OMRON появится уже в сентябре

Gigabyte Aorus 17 получит разблокированный Core i9, GeForce RTX 2080 и уникальные механические переключатели OMRON (Изображение: Aorus)
Gigabyte Aorus 17 получит разблокированный Core i9, GeForce RTX 2080 и уникальные механические переключатели OMRON (Изображение: Aorus)
Производитель заявляет, что это будет первый в мире ноутбук с механическими клавишными переключателями OMRON. Новый Aorus 17 контрастирует с серией X7, обладая более объёмным корпусом из-за дополнительных возможностей, обеспечивающих повышенную производительность.

После представления 17,3-дюймового Aorus 7 среднего класса на Computex 2019 в начале года, Gigabyte готова показать свой 17,3-дюймовый Aorus более высокого класса на Gamescom 2019. Эта модель будет оснащена лучшими, чем в Aorus 7, комплектующими, например, видеокартой GeForce RTX 2080, процессором Core i9-9980HK, предварительно откалиброванным дисплеем X-Rite Pantone 240 Гц, а также Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 3 и светодиодными элементами вдоль передней и задней кромок.

Возможно, наиболее интересной особенностью Aorus 17 будут встроенные механические переключатели OMRON, которые обеспечат ход клавиш в 2,5 мм и точку срабатывания на 1,6 мм. Для сравнения, большинство ультрабуков и игровых ноутбуков имеют меньший ход клавиш – до 1,5 или 2 мм; им часто не хватает «щелкающей» отдачи настольной клавиатуры. Большой ноутбук MSI GT83 также включает в себя механические переключатели, которые нравятся энтузиастам-геймерам.

Что касается охлаждения, Aorus будет включать в себя пять тепловых трубок, паровую камеру и два кулера, которые, как мы надеемся, будут производить минимальный шум во время работы.

Aorus 17 будет выпущен как минимум в четырех разных вариантах в сентябре этого года. Стартовые цены пока что неизвестны.

Top-of-the-line gaming brand AORUS, reveals itself at the 2019 GAMESCOM trade show in Germany Cologne, in which the spotlight shines at the all-new 17inch flagship gaming laptop, the AORUS 17. AORUS takes the lead yet again through the co-op with world renowned switch manufacture OMRON® to innovate and develop a set of unique mechanical switches that is tailored for the AORUS 17, not only does the keys offer exceptional durability, it also offers one of the best feeling keys that gamers can find on a laptop.  The AORUS greatness continues through the combination of the brand new Intel® 8 core CPU, NVIDIA® RTXTM graphics chip with Ray Tracing technology and an exclusive WINDFORCE INFINITY cooling system, the AORUS 17 steadily sits on the high-end gaming thrown with these specs.


World’s First Laptop with OMRON® Mechanical Switches

AORUS leads the industry again by working with world renowned mechanical switch manufacture, OMRON® in order to create a unique set of mechanical keys for the AORUS laptop, with gamer oriented design details, including an optimal 2.5mm key travel and an actuation point of 1.6mm, giving gamers both the sensational touch and sound of a crisp blue switch, which gamers can now enjoy the qualities of a full mechanical keyboard right on their AORUS laptop.  AORUS pursues further by redesigning the key caps to produce stunning backlit keys with unique ”concentric” keycaps, letting the LED underneath the keycap shine though evenly, increasing the overall lighting intensity by 27%, in addition to the AORUS exclusive FUSION 2.0 keyboard customization software, gamers can truly create a unique personal style.


AORUS takes initiative to work with the legendry AORUS graphics card cooling team in order to come up with something we call “WINDFORCE INFINITY” cooling technology that takes a large leap when it comes to cooling performance. The AORUS 17 takes hold of the next generation cooling weapon, the super heat conductor (Vapor Chamber) that increases the cooling efficiency by 37%, in conjunction with 5 heat pipes, 2 sets of 12v 51 blade fans and the additional gigantic laptop base fan with large area air mesh. Gamers can fully enjoy gaming performances to the max, without worrying about any throttling or overheating issues.

All-New 9th Gen Intel® Coffee Lake H Refresh Processor

The all-new upgrade of the AORUS 17 comes in with the addition of Intel’s 9th Gen i9-9980HK processor, which is 10% more powerful compared to the 8th Gen CoreTM i9. The CPU clock speed has increased from 4.8Ghz to 5.0Ghz,8 cores and 16 threads of greatness. The new CPU is made for ultra-multi-taskers and gamers who want to play “triple A” games while recording or streaming online.


240Hz Gaming Display Panel with X-RiteTM Pantone® Calibration Certified

The highest spec AORUS 17 comes equipped with the AUO® 240Hz, 3 ms response rate gaming grade panel, that’s not all, the panel is calibrated before it leaves the factory with X-RiteTM Pantone® certified calibration. Gamers not only experiences the smoothest visuals but also with true colors that the game designers intended for gamers to experience.


Industry Only All Intel® Inside Technology

GIGABYTE collaborates with world renowned innovator Intel® to create the industry first “All Intel® Inside” technology. Intel® parts are strategically put together, including the Intel® Core™ i9- 9980HK processor, Intel® 760p SSD, Intel® based Killer™ AX1650 Wi-Fi chip, and Thunderbolt 3.


World’s First Microsoft® Azure AI Artificial Intelligence Performance Laptop

GIGABYTE AORUS 17 is fortunate to be loved by Microsoft® in order to team up for the world’s first AI gaming laptop with Microsoft® Azure AI. User preference data will pass through the Microsoft® Azure platform to be analyzed by the AI and further determines the best central processor (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) wattage setting. The optimal wattage is then set in order to achieve the best gaming performance possible while also keeping the laptop cool with balanced and optimized settings.


Fully Built with Renowned Component Brands | Breaking Industry Standards

For gamers, knowing the quality and performance specs of internal parts of a laptop is a top priority. AORUS has gathered feedback from gamers and went to source the best parts possible, working with the likes of  LG® IPS 144Hz panel, AUO 240Hz panel , Samsung® for memory modules, Killer™ Wi-Fi adapter, NAHIMIC™ sound technology, Intel® processor, Intel®   SSD ,and NVIDIA® graphics processor. AORUS uses top quality components to ensure the most stable platform for gamers to battle on.


Next-Gen Architecture Graphics Display Chip | GeForce RTX™ 20 Series

AORUS 17 welcomes the arrival of NVIDIA® all new Turing based architecture, the GeForce RTX™ graphics. Not only does it drastically increase the 3D rendering performance, it also introduces an array of new technologies such as new “Real Time Ray Tracing”, deep learning technology (DLSS) and NVIDIA Adaptive Shading® (NAS). Providing a next-level realism and fine details of in-game graphics.


AORUS Flagship King | The True Gaming Spirit

The AORUS 17 not only has the top-of-the-range keyboard, display and performance, audio is also a part of the whole package with audiophile grade ESS Sabre Hi-Fi DAC chip, supporting 24bit/192KHz frequency output and driving 16~600ohm mid to high-end headphones, gamers can sure experience the highest level of complexity in sound details. On the internet connectivity side of things, the latest Wi-Fi 6 KillerTM AX 1650 wireless network card comes equipped, with a transfer speed of up to 2.4Gbps, in addition to KillerTM unique system data packaging technology, offering gamers a smooth internet experience without any distractions. AORUS remains focused on offering a full luxury experience for gamers and only seeks for an extreme gaming spirit.

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