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Беспроводной адаптер Killer AX1650 с поддержкой Wi-Fi 6 дебютирует в Alienware m15, m17 и Area-51m

Адаптер Killer AX1650 с поддержкой Wi-Fi 6 (до 2.4 Гбит/с) дебютирует в Alienware m15, m17 и Area-51m (Изображение: Killer)
Адаптер Killer AX1650 с поддержкой Wi-Fi 6 (до 2.4 Гбит/с) дебютирует в Alienware m15, m17 и Area-51m (Изображение: Killer)
Новый беспроводной адаптер на 10% меньше нагружает процессор в играх и обеспечивает на 40% более высокую скорость, при этом потребляя на 30% меньше энергии.

Беспроводные адаптеры Killer ассоциируются с топовыми игровыми ноутбуками разных производителей, в том числе MSI и Dell. В отличие от стандартных Intel 8260 и 9260 решения от Killer ориентированы на игровую сферу и обладают соответствующим функционалом.

Новый Killer AX1650 это следующая модель производителя после Killer 1550, данный модуль является первым в линейке с поддержкой Wi-Fi 6. Кроме роста максимальной скорости соединения до 2.4 Гбит/с адаптер обеспечивает в три раза меньшие задержки при сильной зашумленности эфираt, а его продвинутое ПО умеет приостанавливать лишние процессы, использующие процессор и оперативную память в играх и оптимизировать трафик.

Функции предыдущей модели также снова в строю, включая Killer xTend и DoubleShot Pro.

Дебют Killer AX1650 состоится в составе ноутбуков Alienware Area-51m, Alienware m17 и Alienware m15, а также в будущих моделях от MSI мы. Бойкотировать Killer продолжают Asus - ни в одном аппарате серии ROG данные адаптеры нам не попадались.

(Изображение: Killer)
(Изображение: Killer)



Austin, Texas - (April 15, 2019) - Rivet Networks is proud to introduce the Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650,

the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 module specifically designed to deliver the fastest gameplay, the best

streaming, and the most immersive communication experiences. The latest product from Rivet

Networks’ collaboration with Intel, the Killer AX1650, provides Killer’s most powerful

networking technology built on Intel’s most advanced WiFi 6 chipset. The Killer AX1650 is a

2x2, Wi-Fi 6 module that supports 160 MHz channels and Bluetooth® 5.0, and is available on

desktops computers and laptop PCs from Alienware.

Best Connectivity

Powered by all-new Wi-Fi 6 technology using 160MHz channels, the Killer AX1650 delivers 2.4

Gbps of theoretical throughput, cutting-edge performance, and introduces technology to

provide more usable throughput in crowded environments. When connected to a Wi-Fi 6

access point, the AX1650 delivers:

• up to 3X more throughput than previous generation 80MHz 2x2 AC devices

• up to 40% more throughput than previous generation 160MHz 2x2 AC devices

• up to 4X more network capacity in dense environments than previous generation

wireless AC networks.

Incredible Speed, Intelligence, and Control

The Killer AX1650 perfectly blends Killer’s speed, intelligence, and control into Intel’s most

advanced wireless chipset. Gamers and performance users who demand the most from their

system will love the AX1650 and its powerful capabilities:

Amazing Speed: The Killer AX1650 automatically detects, classifies, and prioritizes network

traffic and ensures the most important data is delivered fast and is prioritized over less

important traffic.

• The Killer AX1650 uses Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 Technology to detect thousands of

games, applications, and websites. It then leverages Lag and Latency ReductionTM

Technology to prioritize the most important packets for a fast, smooth online

entertainment experience. Gamers can expect up to 3X better in-game latency

performance when using the AX1650 during peak network usage periods.

• GameFast Technology automatically pauses processes that are not needed when

gaming, freeing up to 10% of CPU cycles and 20% of memory. Gamers who use

GameFast will experience faster, more responsive gameplay with the additional system

resources available to focus on the game.

Advanced Intelligence: The Killer AX1650 uses real time information to intelligently optimize

networking experiences:

• Powered by the Killer Intelligence Engine, the Killer AX1650 automatically analyzes the

network and makes adjustments to improve the overall online experience. For items

that cannot be fixed automatically, the Killer Intelligence Engine makes

recommendations to the user on how to best optimize their home network for ideal


• When combined with a Killer Ethernet product, the AX1650 features DoubleShot Pro

Technology, which enables the use of both Killer Ethernet and the AX1650 at the same

time. DoubleShot Pro works automatically to ensure the highest priority traffic will

always be put on the fastest and most reliable link. Users can also leverage the Killer

Control Center 2.0 to determine which applications and websites go over wireless and

which use Ethernet.

Powerful Control: The Killer AX1650 gives users more ways to control and enhance their online

experience than ever before:

• The Killer Control Center 2.0 gives users an intuitive and rich interface to monitor which

applications and websites are using bandwidth, and to optimize their PC’s networking

performance. Users can adjust priorities and set bandwidth limits so that low priority

traffic does not interfere with multimedia applications or favorite websites.

• The Killer AX1650 features Wireless xTendTM technology that delivers powerful MESH

network capabilities and allows the computer to provide its network access to other

devices, extending the home network up to 1,000 square feet. Game with confidence

because Killer still prioritizes the computer’s traffic so that the other devices that

connect to Killer Wireless xTend will not slow down high priority applications.

“Wi-Fi 6 technology represents a major advancement in wireless networking, delivering lower

latencies, faster speeds, and better performance on busy networks,” said Rivet Networks’ CEO

Michael Cubbage. “We are extremely proud to launch the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 module for High-

Performance PCs and bring this incredible performance to our customers.“

“Alienware prides itself on providing a world-class gaming experience to all their customers and

ensuring no compromise wi-fi connectivity is crucial,” said Joe Olmsted, Director of Product

Development. “Rivet Networks is leading the way in driving gamer first features in networking

and will be offering the new Killer AX1650 in the Alienware Area-51m, Alienware m15, and m17


For more information about the Killer AX1650, please visit

If you would like to arrange an interview, a demo, or have questions for the Rivet Networks

leadership team, email us at [email protected]

About Rivet Networks

Rivet Networks is a technology and products company that focuses on creating the best

possible networking experience. Rivet offers a mix of hardware, software and cloud-based

technologies to deliver solutions that are both powerful and intuitive. Through their KillerTM line

of networking products, Rivet Networks offers unprecedented speed, intelligence and control

for gamers and performance users alike. For more information about the Killer brand of

technologies, please visit

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