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Oppo Find N2


Oppo Find N2
Oppo Find N2 (Find N Серия)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 8 x 1.8 - 3.2 GHz, Cortex-X2 / A710 / A510 (Kryo) Waipio
Графический адаптер
12 Гбайт 
, or 16GB
7.10 дюйм., 1920 x 1792 пикс. 370 точек/дюйм, Capacitive, AMOLED, Cover display: 5.54, 2120x1080, 18:9, AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass, глянцевое покрытие: ✔, 120 Hz
Хранение данных
256GB / 512GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 1 сканер подушечки пальца, NFC, Датчики и сенсоры: accelerometer, dual gyro, proximity, compass, color spectrum
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/), Bluetooth 5.3, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, GPS
толщина х ширина х глубина (мм): 14.6 x 132.2 x 72.6
4520 мА⋅ч литий-полимерн.
Операционная система
Android 13
осн. камера: 50 Мп Triple: 50MP (f/1.8, 24mm, 1/1.56", 1.0µm) + 32MP (2x optical zoom, f/2.0, 47mm, 1/2.74", 0.8µm) + 48MP (f/2.2, 14mm, 1/2", 0.8µm)
фронт. камера: 32 Мп f/2.4, 22mm
клавиатура: OnScreen
233 г



Усреднённая оценка: 84.17% - Хорошо
Усреднено 12 оценок (из 36 обзоров)
Стоимость: 65%, Производительность: 93%, Оснащение: 90%, Качество экрана: 99% Портативность: 84%, Внешний вид: 97%, Эргономичность: 100%, Нагрев и шум: - %

Обзоры Oppo Find N2

Обзор OPPO Find N2: самый удобный складной смартфон
Источник: Hi-Tech Mail
Впечатления от OPPO Find N2 положительные. Но лично я так и не смогла представить этот смартфон в качестве основного для себя. То есть устройство имиджевое, заметное, интересное и качественное, но все равно возникают «но». И дело даже не в том, что где-то что-то не очень оптимизировано. Просто начинаешь сомневаться, а нужен ли тебе смартфон в таком форм-факторе — с двумя экранами, один из которых почти квадратный. Например, у OPPO есть Flip N2, который выглядит более жизнеспособным в современных реалиях. О нем мы рассказывали здесь.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 06/04/2023

Обзоры на других языках

Oppo Find N2 Audio test
Источник: DxOMark На английском EN→RU
With a DXOMARK Audio score of 135, the Oppo Find N2 proved to be an all-round strong performer in our tests. In playback, the sound signature was very pleasant, even at maximum volume, but a lack of dual stereophony (stereo output in landscape and portrait orientation) meant that the Oppo failed to really stand out. Playback performance was overall very good when listening to music or watching movies, but it was also quite good for gaming. Recording results were excellent, especially with the main camera. Performance was slightly less good for the front camera and recorder app, but still very good. Recording quality remained good at high sound pressure levels, for example, when recording concerts. A wide rendition of the stereo sound scene also resulted in an immersive experience.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 17/03/2023
Oppo Find N2 Full Review
Источник: Yugatech На английском EN→RU
While Oppo might be a little bit late to the foldable game, with Samsung and Huawei pioneering several generations of foldables, the Find N2 is a surprisingly innovative entry into the segment. We are even surprised to report that after showing the N2 to several people, they found it more practical and usable than the Z Fold 4. Too bad the Find N2 will not be available in the Philippines as it is currently a China-exclusive device. If ever OPPO decides to release the next generation to our shores, it will definitely be a proper contender for the best foldable phablet on the market.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 03/02/2023
OPPO Find N2 Review: Smaller, Leaner, Nicer
Источник: Yugatech На английском
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 01/02/2023
Oppo Find N2 Smartphone Review
Источник: OI Spice Tech News На английском EN→RU
The second-generation Oppo Find foldable phones have managed to overcome the shortcomings of the first generation, which makes that a much better deal in the first place. The same goes for the Oppo Find N2 as it can deliver a pretty decent size display with more camera options to tweak, and various custom features. Not to forget, it’s quite lightweight compared to other foldable phones with better performance and camera. But, a little bit of speedy charger or wireless charging won’t hurt the feelings. It’s just a few nitpicking; even then, it’s a dealbreaker for many users. Anyway, the phone is not going on the international market yet (at the time we are reviewing the phone). However, let’s hope that we see the third generation phones on the global stage. As for alternative options, you can consider Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 for better specs but it will cost a little more.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 30/01/2023
70% Oppo Find N2 review: the Z Fold 4 rival we need, but can’t easily buy
Источник: Digital Trends На английском EN→RU
In China, the Oppo Find N2 costs the local equivalent of $1,150 and is available to buy there now. It’s possible to import the phone to the U.S., and expect to pay around $1,500 depending on the store and factors like the exchange rate if you do, but should you? Probably not. I’d had more than enough of the software annoyances after a week or so, and I doubt very much I’ve experienced all the issues the phone will have when forced to work outside China. Expect to run into more than I’ve described here, as our use will certainly differ. That’s before concerns over connectivity, call performance, and a warranty when importing one. There’s very little wrong with the Find N2 when you don’t consider the software, which isn’t the phone’s fault at all, just a consequence of my using it outside China. The lack of an IP rating and the missing wireless charging are the only major feature omissions, both of which are offered by the readily available Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The fact the Z Fold 4 is much easier to purchase makes it our recommendation if you’re looking for a big-screen folding smartphone and you don’t live in China. However, this is stating the obvious because Samsung really doesn’t have any competition. It’s the Z Fold 4 or nothing, really. That’s why it’s frustrating that the Find N2 isn’t more widely available with software that works for international audiences. It’s suitably different enough from the Z Fold 4 to entice those unconvinced by the Samsung phone’s unusual dimensions, the camera’s excellent, and performance rivals the best non-folding phone flagships too.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 18/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
80% Oppo Find N2 Review – Beautiful Refined Foldable Flagship
Источник: Hitech Century На английском EN→RU
The Oppo Find N2 elevates the foldable form factor to new heights. You get a premium, highly pocketable chassis featuring a smoother, flatter hinge melded with excellent hardware and a great rear triple camera array, making it a desirable phone indeed. Assuming you can buy it, that is as it is not available outside of China for now.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 02/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 80% Стоимость: 60% Производительность: 100% Качество экрана: 100% Портативность: 80%
Oppo Find N2 Review: A Foldable With Wide Appeal
Источник: MrMobile На английском
There are two types of foldable phone that matter: large-format book-style folding tablets, and compact flip-style clamshells. Or at least, that was true until Oppo came along with a flexible-display smartphone that tried to carve out a space between. The Oppo Find N2 is the sequel to last year’s standout Find N, and I've spent one holiday break over two weeks across three states seeing how this in-betweener compares to its more common competition. Join me for MrMobile’s Oppo Find N2 Review!
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 01/01/2023
88% Oppo Find N2 review
Источник: GSM Arena На английском EN→RU
We're not quite in a position to recommend a Find N2 or advise against one, seeing how market specifics don't really present us with a choice. What we can say is that the second generation Oppo foldable maintains all that set the original one apart and made it a unique offering and build on that, resulting in an overall superior product. The displays retain the size and proportions of the Find N - possibly the best package for the most people, only now they get a brightness boost and extra smoothness on the cover. The phone's gotten appreciably lighter, has better cameras and performance and the speedy charging couldn't hurt. A couple of tough decisions had to be made to reach the lightness goals and the wireless charging fell victim, which is a bummer. The relocation of the volume rocker gives us pause as does the speaker arrangement, but that's mostly nitpicking. Ultimately, the one dealbreaking issue for us is not an issue with the phone itself - it's the fact that we can't really have one, not officially, and not with the software we're used to using. Let's keep our fingers crossed then that the Find N3 will finally make it out of China.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 30/12/2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 88%
OPPO Find N2 Review – True Successor Of Foldable Smartphone
Источник: Cashify На английском EN→RU
Obviously, foldable phones have now become available to the general public. For one thing, they’re still quite expensive, and not everyone will like the form factor. I must admit that I’m impressed with the Oppo Find N2’s build and design as well as the in-hand comfort. It’s wonderful to see the folding phone category thrive in terms of design and performance. The smaller size of the Find N2 appeals greatly to people who find the Samsung Fold 4 to be too long and narrow. It’s also great for one-handed use when folded, and it has a dependable camera setup and battery backup, not to forget the great 120Hz displays and 67W fast charging. Overall, I believe that this is one of the best foldable phones currently available. It is incredibly well made, with no gaps, barely any creases, and a sturdy folding mechanism.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 30/12/2022
OPPO Find N2 Full Review - Smaller Is Better?
Источник: TechTablets На английском
OPPO Find N2 Review after 10 days of use. The new Find N foldable is powered by the SD8+Gen1, with an outer 5.54-inch screen and an inner 7.1-inch screen. Both 120Hz AMOLED screens. The Find N2 runs ColorOS 13 based on Android 13.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 29/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 Specifications, Pros and Cons
Источник: OI Spice Tech News На английском EN→RU
The Oppo Find N2 smartphone launched in December 2022 as a flagship foldable smartphone. It comes with the 4nm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 5G chipset that has integrated Adreno 730 GPU. The Oppo Find N2 foldable smartphone is also equipped with two displays as part of a foldable phone design. For the main display, it has a7.1 inches LTPO AMOLED display panel with 120Hz, HDR10+, and 1550 nits of peak brightness. For to cover display, it has5.54 an inches AMOLED display panel with 120Hz, Gorilla Glass Victus, and 1000 nits of brightness. As for connectivity, it has 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, and NFC for cashless payment. The phone comes pre-installed with Android 13 with ColorOS 13 custom UI support. The phone is available in the following RAM and storage configuration: 12/16 GB with 256/512 GB storage. It also has a huge Li-Po 4520 mAh battery with support for 67W wired and 10W reverse wired charging support. It also has support for stereo speakers and Dolby audio. Apart from this, the phone comes equipped with a 50MP triple camera setup and you can record videos at a maximum resolution of 4K and 60fps with gyro-EIS. Also, there aredual32MP selfie cameras, one at the main display and another at the cover display. You can record videos at 1080p resolution and 30 fps with gyro-EIS from the selfie cameras. It has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It is available in a total of 3 colors, Black, White, and Green. The Oppo Find N2 smartphone is available at a starting price of $999 (Rs 90,990 in India) approx.
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 26/12/2022
Review – OPPO Find N2 foldable smartphone
Источник: NLT На английском EN→RU
So, all in all, I think the OPPO Find N2 has phenomenal hardware – especially the hinge. The cover display aspect ratio is definitely up for debate as I prefer something taller but not as tall as the Z Fold 4. I personally find the nearly square unfolded display quite difficult to use – and to grab the phone with one hand. I still don’t know if OPPO will sell this phone anywhere else in the world because according to Android Authority, the global launch for the Find N2 is still under discussion.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 26/12/2022
OPPO Find N2 Review: Lightweight Foldable Beast
Источник: Igeekphone На английском EN→RU
In general, OPPO Find N2 is not a simple product iteration, but after the first test of the Find N small screen folding, it has carried out a major transformation in weight, performance, image, system, and screen. , with a basic configuration of 12+256GB and a starting price of 7,999 yuan, you can own a compact, lightweight, and full-featured folding machine. It is the best choice for using a folding-screen mobile phone for the first time.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 24/12/2022
80% OPPO Find N2 review: the best foldable hardware out there
Источник: Android Headlines На английском EN→RU
Needless to say, foldable phones are now for everyone. They’re still quite pricey, for one thing, and the form factor also doesn’t suit everyone. If you tend to get your phones wet, this device is not for you, definitely. Also, there are some quirks with ColorOS that you may want to avoid, mainly because this build is not for global markets. On the other hand, this is the best foldable hardware out there, in my opinion. It’s incredibly well built, with a gapless design, minimal crease, and a very reliable folding mechanism. It’s also great for one-hand use, when folded, and it has a reliable camera and battery life, not to mention great displays and fast charging. Figure out what you want, and then weigh your options. It’s difficult to fault OPPO for IP rating and wireless charging considering they were aiming to hit this form factor. Both of those would make the phone bulkier.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 23/12/2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
Hands on: Oppo Find N2 – a capable but by-the-book folding update
Источник: Techradar На английском EN→RU
The Oppo Find N2 is a clean refinement of the company's debut foldable that keeps what made the first Find N unique while addressing some of its biggest weaknesses. If it were launching outside of China, we'd be excited about the price/performance balance it appears to strike, but as only the N2 Flip is set to go international, it becomes another China exclusive that remains out of reach.
Быстрый обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 16/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 hands-on review: a fine second-gen foldable
Источник: Stuff TV На английском EN→RU
While there’s a big question mark over how much this device would actually cost if it was launched outside of China – plus some reservations about the software, there’s no doubt that the hardware on show here is brilliant and defies the ‘difficult follow-up’ tag. The price chat is probably moot since we don’t think this will be launched globally but it means that future Oppo foldables are a mouth-watering prospect.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 16/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 Review: The lightest foldable needs an international release!
Источник: ben's gadget reviews На английском
The Oppo Find N2 is a refinement over the original Find N, with a slightly thinner build and significantly lighter weight. In fact, at 233g, it is the lightest large foldable around. it is only so in China for now, but Oppo says it is open to launching internationally. if you want to see this release outside of China you have to let them know!
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 15/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 Review - The Best Phone I Can NEVER Buy!
Источник: The Tech Chap На английском
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 15/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 initial review: A new super-lightweight foldable champion?
Источник: Pocket Lint На английском EN→RU
First impressions of anything can often be misleading, but we're pretty excited by the potential of the Oppo Find N2. It's a lightweight, nimble foldable phone that's packed with powerful internals, two high performance displays and a versatile camera system.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 15/12/2022
Oppo Find N2 Flip, Galaxy Z Flip 4 killer? | TSW136
Источник: Tech Spurt На английском
The Oppo Find N2 Flip foldable smartphone is a rival for Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Motorola RAZR, and the global model is launching soon! As well as the Fold model, the Find N2 Flip just launched at Oppo INNO Day 2022, boasting respectable specs, a 4300mAh battery and decent camera tech. While the regular Find N2 isn't coming to the UK, the Flip version should launch globally in 2023. This compact foldable phone sports Oppo’s second-gen Flexion Hinge, which is more robust than the original. You get a proper big 3.26-inch cover screen, while the Oppo Find N2 Flip's internal screen has ‘nearly no crease’ allegedly. According to the manufacturer this is better vs rivals like the Samsung Z Flip 4 and the RAZR, but we'll see when we do an actual unboxing/review. The Find N2 Flip runs off an exclusive version of the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Plus, as found in beefy phone like Xiaomi 12 Pro and ROG Phone 6D - but here it's optimised for a smaller form factor. And you have a 4300mAh battery, not too far off that found in the Find N2! Also this week at INNO Day 2022, Oppo revealed the Marisilicon Y SoC for wired-style Bluetooth streaming, and a health tablet thing that can watch you sleep. Oh, and Xiaomi finally launched the bloody 13 series phones, plus the Xiaomi S2 smartwatch.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 06/12/2022
91% Oppo Find N2
Источник: На немецком DE→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 27/02/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 91% Производительность: 85% Качество экрана: 100% Портативность: 90% Внешний вид: 100%
70% Das Beste ist nicht gut genug für uns
Источник: Nextpit Germany На немецком DE→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 28/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
91% Oppo Find N2, análisis y opinión del plegable compacto tipo libro más recomendable
Источник: Computerhoy На испанском ES→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 12/02/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 91%
90% Oppo Find N2, análisis: en los móviles plegables, este es el auténtico referente
Источник: Hipertextual На испанском ES→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 27/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 90%
Oppo Find N2, primeras impresiones: el mejor plegable que no te podrás comprar
Источник: Xataka На испанском ES→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 19/01/2023
90% Recensione Oppo Find N2
Источник: Batista70Phone На итальянском IT→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 25/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 90% Оснащение: 90% Качество экрана: 95% Портативность: 85% Внешний вид: 100% Эргономичность: 100%
70% Test de l'Oppo Find N2: Un smartphone pliable convaincant mais au potentiel gâché
Источник: Nextpit France На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 14/02/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
100% Prise en main du smartphone pliant Oppo Find N2 : format compact pour ce mobile pliant
Источник: Les Mobiles На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 20/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 100%
90% Oppo Find N2 review: a crease-less wonder
Источник: Phonandroid На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 10/01/2023
Рейтинг: Итого: 90%
Prise en main de l’Oppo Find N2 : le petit dans la cour des grands
Источник: Frandroid На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 15/12/2022
Prise en main Oppo Find N2 : quel dommage qu’il n’arrive pas en France !
Источник: Phonandroid На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 15/12/2022
Prise en main du Oppo Find N2 : le nouveau rival du Galaxy Z Fold 4
Источник: CNet France На французском FR→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 15/12/2022
Spędziłem kilka dni z Oppo Find N2. Powiem wprost – nie ma lepszego smartfona, nie tylko składanego
Источник: GSM Maniak На турецком PL→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 25/01/2023
Oppo Find N2 - telitalálat
Источник: MobilArena HU HU→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 28/12/2022
Рейтинг: Стоимость: 70% Качество экрана: 100% Портативность: 80% Внешний вид: 90%
Trên tay OPPO Find N2 – Smartphone màn hình gập thế hệ 2 siêu "xịn sò"
Источник: Viettelstore VN→RU
Быстрый обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 25/12/2022


Qualcomm Adreno 730: ARM-графика, является частью чипсета Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Графические процессоры этой категории производительности справятся со многими играми, если не гнаться за максимальным разрешением и качеством картинки. Сравнительно умеренное энергопотребление таких GPU обеспечит увеличение времени автономной работы.

>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг видеокарт.

SD 8+ Gen 1: Топовый 4-нм ARM-чипсет для смартфонов и планшетов, представлен 2022 году
>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг процессоров.

7.10": Такой размер экрана можно считать пограничным между смартфонами и планшетами.

Важно отметить, что у смартфонов с подобной диагональю экрана почти наверняка будет великоватое энергопотребление.
>> Больше сведений: Рейтинг ноутбуков по качеству дисплея.

0.233 килогр.: Такой вес типичен для большинства смартфонов.

84.17%: Неплохой товар с очевидными и не такими уж малочисленными недостатками, не способный выделиться среди прямых конкурентов.

Вся информация - в наших подробных обзорах.


Этот важный материал точно понравится твоим друзьям в социальных сетях!
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