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Dell Precision 5000 5470


Dell Precision 5000 5470
Dell Precision 5000 5470 (Precision 5000 Серия)
Intel Core i9-12900H 14 x 1.8 - 5 GHz, 91 W PL2 / Short Burst, 20 W PL1 / Sustained, Alder Lake-H
Графический адаптер
NVIDIA RTX A1000 Laptop GPU - 4 Гбайт VRAM, Видеопр-р: 1140 МГц, Память: 1375 МГц, 40 W TDP, GDDR6, 516.54, Optimus
32 Гбайт 
, LPDDR5, 5200 MHz, dual-channel, soldered, 32-24-24-52
14.00 дюйм. 16:10, 2560 x 1600 пикс. 216 точек/дюйм, 10-point capacitive, AU Optronics B140QAN, IPS, Controller: AUO4F9B, Dell P/N: X6NRM, глянцевое покрытие: ✔, 60 Hz
Материнская плата
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH
Хранение данных
Samsung PM9A1 MZVL21T0HCLR, 1024 Гбайт 
Звуковая плата
Intel Alder Lake-P PCH - cAVS (Audio, Voice, Speech)
4 USB 3.1 Gen 2, 4 Thunderbolt, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 4 DisplayPort, 1 слот замка Kensington, Аудиоразъёмы: 3.5 mm combo, картридер: MicroSD, 1 сканер подушечки пальца, датчик освещённости, Датчики и сенсоры: Accelerometer, Hall Effect, Adaptive Thermal Performance
Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 (a/b/g/h/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/ Wi-Fi 6E 6 GHz), Bluetooth 5.2
толщина х ширина х глубина (мм): 18.95 x 310.6 x 210.3
72 Вт⋅ч литий-полимерн., 4-cell
Операционная система
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Фронтальная камера: 720p
осн. камера: 0.9 МП
акустическая система: 2W x 4, клавиатура: Chiclet, подсветка клавиатуры: ✔, Dell Power Manager, Command, Optimizer, PremierColor, Digital Delivery, 12 мес. гарантии в Европе
1.621 килогр., адаптер питания: 415 г
3200 USD



Усреднённая оценка: 83.92% - Хорошо
Усреднено 5 оценок (из 8 обзоров)
Стоимость: - %, Производительность: 85%, Оснащение: 71%, Качество экрана: 92% Портативность: 81%, Внешний вид: 93%, Эргономичность: 87%, Нагрев и шум: 86%

Обзоры Dell Precision 5000 5470

87.6% Dell Precision 5470 workstation review: Nvidia RTX A1000 debut | Notebookcheck
Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't be as powerful as the big guns. The Precision 5470 utilizes the same Core i9 CPU currently shipping on hulking gaming laptops and other workstations over twice its size, but how does it actually perform?
How to open Dell Precision 14 5470 - disassembly and upgrade options
Источник: Laptop Media Английский
Есть разбор / снимок внутренностей, онлайн, оч. малой длины, Дата: 16 March 2023
100% Dell Precision 5470 review: Play hard, work harder
Источник: Laptop Mag Английский EN→RU
There’s a new productivity powerhouse in town, and it’s much more mobile than the average workstation. The Dell Precision 5470 doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, of course, but it represents the gradual evolution of business-centric workstation laptops. It’s a premium machine for sure — especially if you splurge for a Core i7 or Core i9 configuration — but a fairly futureproof one at that thanks to Intel’s ever-evolving vPro tech. Climbing over $3,000, the Dell Precision 5470’s price tag is nothing to sneeze at. The Nvidia RTX A1000 graphics inside may not be as powerful as the Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs inside the Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 and MSI Creator Z16 laptops (both cost between $2,500 and $3,000), but keep in mind that the Precision targets business-oriented power users – not gamers nor professionals who need a laptop that pushes performance envelope for graphic-intensive tasks. On top of that, if you purchase the ROG Strix Scar 17 and MSI Creator Z16 laptops, you’ll take quite a hit when it comes to battery life. Meanwhile, the Dell Precision 5470 delivers a decent discrete GPU and a relatively long battery runtime. Pound for pixelated pound, the Dell Precision 5470 may be the most portable, powerful workstation you’ll find on the market, and it’s the ultimate tool for on-the-go creatives, workaholics, and multimedia junkies alike.
Классический обзор, онлайн, больш. длины, Дата: 08 November 2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 100%
92% Dell Precision 5470 Review – A Svelte Thin & Light Workstation
Источник: Laptop Under Budget Английский EN→RU
The Dell Precision 14 5470 is a compact workstation that competes against the likes of the Lenovo ThinkPad P15 and the HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8. The Precision 14 5470 is easily among the most premium-looking workstation laptops and is as powerful as the rest of the competition. The computer also has Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification, which ensures that the laptop can handle the majority of software you’ll use as a professional with ease. On top of that, Dell is also offering free panel replacement during a limited warranty period as a part of the Dell Premium Panel Guarantee. Overall, the Dell Precision 14 5470 is an impressive package that seems to pack everything one expects from modern mobile workstations. We think it’ll be a great companion for a modern workforce.
Классический обзор, онлайн, больш. длины, Дата: 07 October 2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 92% Производительность: 90% Качество экрана: 96% Портативность: 86% Внешний вид: 98% Эргономичность: 90%
Dell Precision 5570 (2022)
Источник: Rtings Английский EN→RU
Although the Dell Precision 5570 isn't designed for gaming, it can run games relatively well, as long as you get a configuration with an NVIDIA discreet GPU. However, unlike the more mainstream NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, these professional GPUs don't always have the best game drivers, so the performance can vary a lot from one game to another. Also, you can only get a 60Hz 1080p or 4k display with a slow response time and no VRR support, which means motion will look blurry, and you'll likely experience screen tearing if you don't use vertical sync.
Классический обзор, онлайн, оч. большой длины, Дата: 16 September 2022
Рейтинг: Производительность: 73% Портативность: 78%
60% Dell Precision 5470 review: too small to be effective
Источник: Digital Trends Английский EN→RU
If I had over $3,000 to spend on a laptop and needed workstation-like performance, I’d do some extra weightlifting and select a larger and heavier workstation like Dell’s Precision 5570 or even a mainstream powerhouse like the MSI Creator X16P. Sure, it would be more to lug around, but its performance would more than make up for it. And while app selection would be more limited with the Apple MacBook Pro 14, it would be another solid alternative if it ran the apps I needed. As it is, the Precision 5470 is simply too expensive to justify its limited performance. Simply put, if the Precision 5470 can handle your workflow, then you likely don’t need a workstation-level laptop. You can pick from among several 14-inch laptops and get as much portability and maybe even better performance at a much lower price.
Классический обзор, онлайн, оч. большой длины, Дата: 07 September 2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 60%
Dell Precision 5470 Workstation review: Portable workstation power
Источник: Английский EN→RU
The slimline, lightweight design of the Precision 5470 is attractive, and will appeal to professional users who need a powerful laptop that's portable enough to carry on long trips or when working outdoors. However, the Precision 5470 perhaps puts too much emphasis on portability, leaving room for improvement elsewhere. Battery life is relatively modest, even when using integrated graphics, and the FHD+ display and 720p webcam are both disappointing compared to what's offered by many of its rivals in this price range.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн. длины, Дата: 05 September 2022
80% Dell Precision 5470 Review
Источник: PC Mag Английский EN→RU
The Dell Precision 5470 is a mobile workstation that's far more portable than most alternatives. Between its slim 14-inch design and top-quality MIL-STD 810H build, it's one of the best options around for taking professional-grade performance on the road or to the job site. There are tradeoffs for its portability, and users of the most demanding, graphics-intensive applications will need to carry something heavier. But the Dell's exceptional battery life underscores its desirability as the most portable workstation we've seen.
Классический обзор, онлайн, оч. большой длины, Дата: 31 August 2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
Recensione di Dell Precision 14 5470, una workstation davvero portatile
Источник: Techprincess IT Итальянский IT→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, больш. длины, Дата: 21 September 2022


NVIDIA RTX A1000 Laptop GPU:

Графические процессоры этой категории производительности способны на многое и подойдут для большинства игр, иногда даже при максимальных настройках и разрешениях. Чаще всего GPU "просто верхнего" уровня производительности расходуют заметно меньше энергии, чем самые-самые топовые и дорогие модели.

>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг видеокарт.

i9-12900H: Производительный мобильный процессор семейства Alder Lake. Имеет 6 производительных и 8 энергоэффективных ядер
>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг процессоров.

14.00": Этот размер экрана встречается в очень крупных планшетах и в очень портативных ноутбуках, включая как обычные, так и конвертируемые (2-в-1) модели. За счёт масштабирования от опер. системы, содержимое такого экрана можно сделать достаточно удобным для чтения, и это при сохранении относительной портативности и умеренного расхода энергии.
>> Больше сведений: Рейтинг ноутбуков по качеству дисплея.

1.621 килог.: Самый обычный вес для современного ноутбука с экраном от 13 до 16 дюймов, как правило, без дискретной видеокарты.

83.92%: Неплохой товар с очевидными и не такими уж малочисленными недостатками, не способный выделиться среди прямых конкурентов.

Вся информация - в наших подробных обзорах.


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RTX A3000 Laptop GPU, Alder Lake-S i7-12850HX, 17.30", 3.02 kg
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