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Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 2021


Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 2021
Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 2021 (Fire Серия)
Mediatek MT8183 8 x 2 GHz, Cortex-A73/-A53
Графический адаптер
4 Гбайт 
10.10 дюйм. 16:10, 1920 x 1200 пикс. 224 точек/дюйм, capacitive Touchscreen, IPS LCD, глянцевое покрытие: ✔, 60 Hz
Хранение данных
64 GB eMMC Flash, 64 Гбайт 
, 55 Гбайт свободно
1 USB 2.0, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Аудиоразъёмы: 3,5 mm jack, картридер: microSD up to 1 TB (no exFAT), датчик освещённости, Датчики и сенсоры: accelerometer, OTG
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 5.0
толщина х ширина х глубина (мм): 9.2 x 247 x 166
6500 мА⋅ч литий-ион.
беспр. зарядка
Операционная система
Android 9.0 Pie
осн. камера: 5 Мп f/2.4
фронт. камера: 2 Мп f/2.2
акустическая система: Stereo, клавиатура: Onscreen , USB cable, charger, Fire OS 7, 12 мес. гарантии в Европе, Widevine L1, пассивное охлаждение
465 г, адаптер питания: 43 г
220 евро



Усреднённая оценка: 77.48% - Хорошо
Усреднено 13 оценок (из 13 обзоров)
Стоимость: 90%, Производительность: 57%, Оснащение: 54%, Качество экрана: 76% Портативность: 88%, Внешний вид: 74%, Эргономичность: 78%, Нагрев и шум: 97%

Обзоры Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 2021

80.3% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) Review - Cheap "Android tablet" with Qi and keyboard | Notebookcheck
Amazon offers a Plus model for the first time with its 2021 Fire HD 10 generation. With a "premium soft touch design" and a RAM upgrade as well as wireless charging, the Fire HD 10 Plus is supposed to be the spearhead of Amazon's tablets. Read here whether the plan works out and we can recommend the Alexa tablet.
80% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus review
Источник: Tom's Guide На английском EN→RU
If you’re already enmeshed in the Prime ecosystem (and can catch a deal during an Amazon sale), the Fire HD 10 Plus offers quite a bit of device for your dollar. It doesn’t exactly outstrip the budget-priced competition, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 remains a solid option if only for offering an unadulterated Android experience. But Amazon’s offering handles the basics with aplomb, and will be right at home with someone who wants to kick back with a book, or some streaming video. Just don’t come looking for much in the way of apps.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 20/12/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
82% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet review
Источник: Android Guys На английском EN→RU
Amazon continues the great lineage of Kindle Fire tablets with the HD 10 Plus. You have a solid tablet experience for under $200 for just the tablet or $210 with the keyboard bundle and Office365. Add $40 to each for the 64GB option. If you can circumvent the lack of Google Play Store, the Fire HD 10 Plus is hard to ignore if in the market for a tablet. If reading and content consumption is your top priority then the Kindle Fire HD 10 Plus is a winner. Our own editor has stated he actually likes its limited ecosystem to culture a more focused interaction with reading and content. After using this tablet for a few weeks, I think I might agree.
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 03/11/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 82% Стоимость: 90% Производительность: 80% Портативность: 90% Внешний вид: 70%
75% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Review: The best Fire tablet gets better
Источник: Phandroid На английском EN→RU
If you don’t want an iPad, don’t want to spend the money on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but still want an Android tablet, the Fire HD 10 Plus is it. It puts your Amazon content front and center while providing access to most of the popular streaming services. If you add in the optional Anker dock, and this transforms into an Echo Show of sorts that you can take anywhere. Amazon knows what it’s doing, as the Fire tablets remain some of the most popular options available today. We’re just hoping that the design gets overhauled in the near future, along with improving the app selection in the Amazon App Store.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 10/07/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 75%
80% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus review: Premium ambitions
Источник: Pocket Lint На английском EN→RU
The Fire HD 10 Plus is Amazon's attempt to move this tablet from entertainment to something a little more productive. While typing up a Word document is easy enough, as is joining in video calls, the experience doesn't match more capable tablets from the likes of Samsung and Apple. If productivity is your primary aim, you might want to look elsewhere. But the Fire HD 10 Plus does feel more like a device designed to cover all these bases. It's at its best when consuming apps like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix or keeping the kids happy with the games it offers. But it can do yet more. The real draw of the Plus is its wireless charging - so it only really makes sense if you're buying the wireless charging dock and plan to use it in Show Mode too. Otherwise, you might be better off with the standard Fire HD 10, which offers much the same experience for less money.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 29/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
70% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Review
Источник: Trusted Reviews На английском EN→RU
The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus continues to offer excellent battery life, strong Alexa integration and wireless charging, which I don’t think will seem important to most. Fire tablets need to soundly beat the competition in terms of value to keep up and, unfortunately, the HD 10 Plus fails to do so in a few core areas.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 23/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
80% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus review
Источник: Stuff TV На английском EN→RU
For the price, the Fire HD 10 Plus offers incredible value, thanks to its large, sharp screen, punchy speakers, built-in Alexa smarts, and the ability to keep up with demanding games while offering a smooth user experience. It’s only real downside is the lack of the Google Play Store, but as we’ve seen, that’s a quick and easy fix. Regardless of whether you want to take that extra step or not, there’s no escaping the sheer bang for buck on offer here, making this a solid contender for your Android tablet shortlist.
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 22/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
70% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus review: Is Amazon's biggest tablet its best?
Источник: Android Authority На английском EN→RU
As far as Amazon tablets go, the Fire HD 10 Plus is the cream of the crop. It’s got the best screen, solid battery life, and the best performance you can get from an Amazon tablet, and it is available at price points ranging from $180 to $250 depending on the options you choose. To get the most from the tablet, you’ll also need Amazon Prime, which costs another $119 per year. That’s what gives you access to free movies, music, and photo storage. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus doesn’t make sense for everyone, particularly those who rely on Google Services for their email or work. Fire OS may be Android under the hood, but it relies on Amazon Services and thus isn’t the best option for those invested in Google. On the flip side, Amazon partnered with Microsoft to make sure that Office users have access to their work apps on the Fire HD 10 Plus.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 22/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
80% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus review: one of the best value tablets you can buy
Источник: T3 На английском EN→RU
The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus doesn't really pack any surprises but by adding a few handy extras to the usual formula – including more RAM and wireless charging – it becomes even better value for money, and at this price its drawbacks aren't too difficult to live with.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 17/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
70% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021)
Источник: PC Mag На английском EN→RU
Alexa, can I take you with me? The 2021 edition of Amazon's Fire HD 10 Plus tablet ($179.99) adds some RAM and wireless charging to the base-model Fire HD 10, for $30 more. For most tablet users, those are perks, not essential features. But the tablet comes alive when you're using it as an Amazon smart display in an Alexa-powered smart home.
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 09/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
New 2021 Amazon HD 10 / 10 Plus Tablet Review
Источник: Lon.TV На английском
Amazon just released a new version of their top performing tablet with a 10 inch display. This one isn't that much different than the prior version it replaces, but the Plus edition might offer some useful new features.
Обзор-сравнение, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 03/06/2021
80% Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Diesmal mit Tastatur
Источник: Tablet Blog На немецком DE→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 23/07/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
70% Konkurrenz für das iPad?
Источник: Netzwelt На немецком DE→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 18/07/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 70% Производительность: 60% Оснащение: 70% Качество экрана: 70%
90% Fire HD 10 Plus im Test: Gute Technik mit kleinen Schwächen
Источник: Teltarif На немецком DE→RU
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 12/06/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 90%


ARM Mali-G72 MP3: Графическая подсистема, встречающаяся в мобильных ARM чипсетах. Основана на архитектуре Bifrost второго поколения

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10.10": Экраны такого размера часто встречаются в планшетах и крайне редко встречаются в ноутбуках. Они относительно компактны и при том позволяют вполне комфортно почитать книгу или посмотреть образовательное видео.
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0.465 килогр.: Самый обычный вес для планшета или неттопа.

77.48%: Посредственный товар. Его недостатки слишком значительны, а цена слишком велика на фоне того, что предлагается потенциальному покупателю взамен. Если есть возможность, лучше поискать более удачный вариант.

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