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Amazon Fire 7 Kids 2022


Amazon Fire 7 Kids 2022
Amazon Fire 7 Kids 2022 (Fire Серия)
Графический адаптер
2048 Мбайт 
7.00 дюйм. 16:10, 1024 x 600 пикс. 170 точек/дюйм, Capacitive, IPS, глянцевое покрытие: ✔
Хранение данных
16GB / 32GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Аудиоразъёмы: 3.5mm
802.11a/b/g (a/b/g)
толщина х ширина х глубина (мм): 28 x 201 x 162
, Автономная работа (данные производителя): 10 час.
осн. камера: 2 Мп
фронт. камера: 2 Мп
клавиатура: Virtual
429 г
100 евро



Усреднённая оценка: 75% - Хорошо
Усреднено 2 оценок (из 2 обзоров)

Обзоры Amazon Fire 7 Kids 2022

80% Amazon Fire 7 Kids (2022) Review
Источник: Trusted Reviews На английском EN→RU
Good value considering that you get a tablet, tough case, two-year worry free guarantee and a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids (2022) is a fun and engaging tablet for younger children. It’s extremely small, although that can be an advantage: this tablet is easier for a child to put in a bag and carry themselves. However, on balance, the slightly more expensive Amazon Fire 8 Kids tablet is probably a better compromise between screen size and price.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 28/07/2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 80%
70% Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet (2022 Release) Review
Источник: PC Mag На английском EN→RU
The Fire 7 Kids Tablet ($109.99) isn't very fast and doesn't have a high-quality screen, but that likely won't matter to the younger children more apt to use one. The main thing to focus on is the value. Although it costs $10 more than its predecessor, it's a good buy when you consider the whole package: The tablet ($75), case ($25), warranty ($8), and Kids+ subscription ($60) would total $168 when purchased separately. You won't find a comparable tablet combo anywhere near the same price. The minimum entry point for an Apple iPad is $329. The iPad completely outperforms the Fire 7 Kids Tablet in almost every measurable way, but it should considering the price differential. On the Android side, options such as the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus $259.99 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 ($229.99) don't include the kid-focused extras you get here. Simply put, if you want the best budget-friendly tablet for your kid, Amazon's offerings, including the Fire 7 Kids as well as the larger Fire HD 8 Kids ($139.99) and Fire HD 10 Kids ($199.99), are tough to beat.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 07/07/2022
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%



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