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Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power


Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power (Redmi 9 Серия)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 8 x 1.8 - 2 GHz, Kryo 260
Графический адаптер
4096 Мбайт 
6.53 дюйм. 19.5:9, 2340 x 1080 пикс. 395 точек/дюйм, глянцевое покрытие: ✔
Хранение данных
64 GB UFS 2.1
картридер: microSDXC
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 5.0, Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
толщина х ширина х глубина (мм): 9.6 x 162.3 x 77.3
6000 мА⋅ч
Операционная система
Android 10
осн. камера: 48 Мп
фронт. камера: 8 Мп
198 г



Усреднённая оценка: 75.25% - Хорошо
Усреднено 8 оценок (из 12 обзоров)
Стоимость: 75%, Производительность: 74%, Оснащение: - %, Качество экрана: 70% Портативность: 88%, Внешний вид: 75%, Эргономичность: - %, Нагрев и шум: - %

Обзоры Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

Невероятно ёмкий аккумулятор: Xiaomi представила смартфон Redmi 9 Power
Источник: Yamobi
Старт продаж Redmi 9 Power намечен на 22 декабря. Его можно будет купить в оранжевом, зеленом, синем и чёрном цветах корпуса. Цена новинки с памятью 64 ГБ составит примерно $150 (10 900 рублей). Комплектация со 128 ГБ оперативки будет стоить $163 (около 11 900 рублей).
Классический обзор, онлайн, коротк., Дата: 21/12/2020

Обзоры на других языках

Redmi 9 Power: A New and Enhanced Variant
Источник: PC Quest На английском EN→RU
Redmi launched a new variant of the Redmi 9 Power, the 6+128 variant. This is a newer edition to the Redmi 9 line-up which is targetted at the budget-segment market. With this phone, Redmi targets to cater to that consumer-base where people want power and performance at an affordable price.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень коротк., Дата: 22/02/2021
67% Redmi 9 Power Review
Источник: Think Digit На английском EN→RU
There are 2 main areas where the Redmi 9 Power stands out - the stellar battery life and the inclusion of dual stereo speakers. If you're someone who consumes a lot of media on your phone, the dual stereo speakers, FHD+ display and the ability to stream HD content on YouTube and Netflix make this a sweet offering in this area. In most other areas, the phone is what you'd expect at this price range.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 21/02/2021
Рейтинг: Итого: 67% Стоимость: 66% Производительность: 62% Внешний вид: 71%
Redmi 9 Power Review
Источник: Fone Arena На английском EN→RU
At a starting price of Rs. 10999, the Redmi 9 Power is decent budget smartphone from Xiaomi. The 6.53-inch FHD+ screen good compared to most phones that only offer HD+ screen in the price range, the 6000mAh battery offers good battery life even with heavy use and the build quality is good. The camera is not impressive enough compared to the competitors and the phone has a lot of bloatware and the UI has ads.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень длинн., Дата: 02/02/2021
70% Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power review: Budget phone done reasonably well
Источник: Gadgets Now На английском EN→RU
The Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power is priced at Rs 10,999 and for the price, the smartphone has a lot on offer especially if you are looking for a budget smartphone with good battery life. Apart from this, the smartphone also offers satisfactory performance. Certainly, it is not the best, but it isn’t something to scoff at in this price range. If you are ready to sacrifice a little on camera front, the Redmi 9 Power is a reasonable option to go within this price range.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 31/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
80% Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power Review: Everything You Want With A Bit Of What You Don’t
Источник: На английском EN→RU
Another competitor is the Motorola Moto G9 that’s priced at Rs 10,999. It features the same chipset with a similar hardware, save for a smaller 5000 mAh battery but slightly faster 20 W charging speeds. That, along with the stock Android operating system underneath and the low-res display, does work as an advantage when it comes to software performance.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 29/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 80% Производительность: 75% Портативность: 95% Внешний вид: 80%
75% Redmi 9 Power review: Big battery and good cameras, but not the design for everyone
Источник: India Today На английском EN→RU
The Redmi 9 is a very well balanced phone which offers a lot to like. It offers good performance for most tasks, and also pairs it with a big battery for non-stop use. From the cameras to the overall feel, there are a lot of similarities with previous Redmi Note series phones launched in India. However, we're not sure it's the phone for everyone. That's simply because it offers a design that's a bit too flashy in comparison to the other Redmi Note 9 series phones launched this year. And that's the only reason why we don't think it'll work for everyone. But if the design works for you, then the Redmi 9 Power is definitely a great option at its starting price of Rs 10,999.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 22/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 75%
70% Redmi 9 Power review: The budget phone with extra battery life
Источник: The Indian Express На английском EN→RU
If you are looking for a device, which needs to be given to a child for education purposes and do not have a big budget, Redmi 9 Power is a good option. The screen, big battery and fairly good performance mean you can easily use it for educational purposes. Anyone looking for a phone under Rs 11,000 but doesn’t want to compromise on performance or battery life can consider this device.
Классический обзор, онлайн, средн., Дата: 22/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 70%
70% Redmi 9 Power Review
Источник: NDTV Gadgets На английском EN→RU
The Redmi 9 Power does two things differently. It has stereo speakers, which enhance video and gaming on the device, and the big battery gives it a push in the right direction when it comes to battery life. Apart from this, it still feels like a typical Redmi smartphone, delivering the same software experience. Camera performance is acceptable for the price, but isn't great. If you find yourself in the market looking for a smartphone mainly for media consumption, the Redmi 9 Power makes a strong case. Other suitable alternatives would be the Moto G9 (Review) and the Redmi 9 Prime (Review).
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 21/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 70% Стоимость: 70% Производительность: 80% Качество экрана: 70% Портативность: 80% Внешний вид: 70%
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power Review
Источник: Mobygyaan На английском EN→RU
The Redmi 9 Power shines with its battery performance (6,000 mAh) and its 48 MP camera. Not only it has a reliable battery life and a good 48 MP camera, but it also acts as a great multimedia device, thanks to the Full HD+ display with stereo speakers, you can binge-watch movies and TV shows on it. The Snapdragon 662 offers decent performance and the MIUI 12 perks add to the overall value, the Redmi 9 Power is a recommended buy for the price of Rs 10,999.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 21/12/2020
80% Redmi 9 Power Review: A Prime Step that’s Note-worthy!
Источник: Tech PP На английском EN→RU
It is the latest in the seemingly never-ending queue of Redmi 9 devices. And it actually seems to be one of the best. Because the Redmi 9 Power bridges the gap between those two bestsellers - the Redmi 9 Prime and the Redmi Note 9. And adds a flavor of its own to the series, making it a sound investment. Pun intended.
Классический обзор, онлайн, длинн., Дата: 21/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 80% Стоимость: 90% Производительность: 80% Внешний вид: 80%
90% Redmi 9 Power Review – 6000 Mah Battery, Sd 662, Priced Rs. 10,999
Источник: На английском EN→RU
The new smartphone by Xiaomi the Redmi 9 power is here and it comes packed with powerful features like the 6000 mAh battery with 18W fast charging support, Snapdragon 662, 48MP quad camera setup and FHD+ display.
Классический обзор, онлайн, очень коротк., Дата: 21/12/2020
Рейтинг: Итого: 90%


Qualcomm Adreno 610: Мобильная ARM графика, встроена в чипсете Snapdragon 665. 

Графические процессоры этой категории производительности практически не подходят дли игр, но справятся с самыми простыми делами, вроде отображения 2D-материала на экране умеренного разрешения.

>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг видеокарт.

SD 662: Производительный ARM чипсет среднего уровня с восьмиядерным процессором и достаточно медленной графикой Adreno 610
>> Больше сведений: Большой рейтинг процессоров.


>> Больше сведений: Рейтинг ноутбуков по качеству дисплея.

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